Mr. Mayweather

AKA “Mayweather Live”

With labels such as actor, producer, marketing consultant, football athlete, personal trainer, motivational speaker, role model and book author, one might ask, “What more can one aspire to be?” If you’re talking about Mr. Mayweather, then you should know the answer.

Drawing from experience with many trials and tribulations that happened to him as a student football athlete, Mr. Mayweather self-published and wrote his first book, Control or Be Controlled, which was released in 2008. Near the time of the book launch, he also signed a pro arena football deal that eventually went sour. While finishing school, Mr. Mayweather travels around the U.S. to promote his book and continues to work on landing a TV deal with the “Mayweather Live” show.

Mr. Mayweather found himself working with The “Mayweather Live” show after involving himself in numerous activities and networking his interests within the entertainment arena. “Overall, I really want to use The “Mayweather Live” Show to reach out to the community and let them know what is really going on in the world and how they can take control of their own destiny…. just as my book illustrates with sports.”

Considering his savvy business sense, don’t mistake Mr. Mayweather as all work and no play. “As far as hobbies I like to jet ski, travel, try new things, cook, make people laugh, and think of new business ideas…you know, something along those lines”.

Mr. Mayweather is 27 with a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. Originally from Baltimore, MD, he now resides in Los Angeles, CA  working as a TV Producer, Actor, Model and Marketing Consultant. Mr. Mayweather can be contacted directly by emailing or visiting the following websites: attn: Mayweather Live,

Below are some some interviews and different video footage of Brashaad Mayweather:

ABC 27 Morning Show with “Mayweather Live” from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Brashaad Mayweather was interviewed on the ABC Morning Show about the success of the first year of the “Mayweather Live” show along with the growth in sponsors and future goals of the show. Watch and enjoy…

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B Inspired Talk Radio with “Mayweather Live” Pt. 1 from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Inspire: to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration. Inspire is exactly what this show is all about. Dr Lee Jones host and producer of B Inspired Talk Radio invited Mayweather Live onto his show to find out in depth what INSPIRES Mayweather, what he has been through, where he is going, how he keeps it real with God, fans, and haters. This is a great show that we hope will INSPIRE you. Remember we KEEP it ALL THE WAY LIVE!!! This is just 1 or 2 parts we will air

Listen to Be Inspired Talk Radio’s full interview with Brashaad Mayweather:

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