2015 – April 2017

Man it has been forever since I updated my website LOL… Life as an actor over the years has become really busy with at least 160 auditions per year for the biggest films, TV show and commercials across the world. My booking ratio has been okay. I would say 20 – 30 bookings per year. The amount of bookings has dropped but the level of auditions and bookings has went up so I’m not made at that. All growth as an actor… At this point I’m still working for that major film or TV show recurring role. My faith is still here and I believe it will happen in due time. You can’t put work in and nothing come out. Only time will tell and the great thing is I have this diary to look back at and see… Below are some of my favorite jobs from the past 2 years.

Furious 7 High Octane

Furious 7- High-Octane IMAX® from International Idols Agency on Vimeo.

Furious 7 in IMAX is the ultimate, high-octane experience. See it in IMAX this April http://www.imax.com/Furious7.

Male Driver: Brashaad Mayweather http://www.imdb.me/brashaadmayweather

Female Driver: Kalia Prescott http://www.imdb.me/kalia

Female Passenger: Toni Duclottni http://www.imdb.me/toniduclottni

Deadly Sins “Don’t Make Me Kill You” Discovery I.D. – Brashaad Mayweather from International Idols Agency on Vimeo.

Rising NFL star, Rae Carruth, had all the talent on the football field…and also in the bedroom. But faced with the consequences, he decides to eliminate anyone who gets in his way the only way he knows – with murder.

Airing Info: Investigation Discovery, March 21st at 9 p.m. (Full episodes online)

Ray Carruth – Brashaad Mayweather


Amber- Calida Jones


Cherica – Mercedes Young


Madden 17 – Video Game Created NFL Player – Brashaad Mayweather from Brashaad Mayweather on Vimeo.

Check me out in video game Madden 17 as a created player. This is so dope. The first video game I ever remember playing as a kid was Madden and now I’m in the video game as a player. Super blessed to be in the all-time most sold video game. More to come. Check out movies and TV shows I’m in at IMDb.me/BrashaadMayweather

July 21, 2014

Yea boy!!!! I’m back to make another entry!!! It has been two months, Iv’e done some huge jobs and at the same time the checks have been slow but hey I’m blessed. So the biggest things I have done in the past 2 months would be Mercedes Benz Print Industrial, Copper Fit Socks national commercial, and Lead in Feature Film Love Or Laughs! Check out the pics and video footage below:

Copper Fit Socks – Copper Infused {Commercial} from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Love Or Laughs Set

Mercedes Benz Venice Beach Industrial Instagram

Mercedes Benz Griffith Park Hike Industrial Instagram

May 5, 2014

Amazing start to the year. I’ve been in LA now about a year and 4 months and booked a total of 82 jobs with about 60 of those jobs being principle or featured roles. This year so far has been great even though the big checks have been slow. I feel God has something coming to pass soon for me though. The most memorable jobs this year have been 24 Hours, I play a lead (Fisk) in the feature film and Verizon Industrial project which I play the lead basketball player. 24 Hours should come out at the end of 2014 or start of 2015 and the Verizon promo will come out in late June 2014 in stores nationwide. Below are a couple pictures of those jobs:

24 Hours (Feature Film)

Verizion (Industrial stores nationwide)

December 31, 2013

What a year, what a year, what a year… How bless am I? Moved to LA a little less than a year ago and booked 66 jobs!!! Is that the favor of God or what? 2014 Should be my breakout year for sure I still have a lot of TV commercials, films and TV shows that I already filmed that will be coming out this year. Here is a recap of my most memorable jobs:

* 1st job in LA “Coca Cola” music video playing the bully
* Terror Toons 3 (Feature Film, releases 2014)
* 2013 MTV VMA’s Katy Perry commercial
* Gillette commercial explaining how to use the new “Body” shaving gel and razor (releases 2014)
* GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial (Muscle Man, releases 2014)
* Rival Sports Group commercial
* Bad Gils All Star Battle Season II (Featured Model, releases 2014)
* Tattoo Nightmares, Tattoo Artist on Spike TV (Fire Crotch episode)
* Sex Accidents (TLC, Discovery Health & Fit, HLN & CNN)
* Broken Skull Ranch Pilot (Stone Cold Steve Austin)
* Dating Savannah Love (Web series, releases 2014)

August 20, 2013

Man have I been blessed!!! 6 months and two days that I have lived in LA and booked 50 jobs. 43 national TV shows/commercials, 3 pilots, 2 shorts and 3 spec commercials. Have to Take risk to get the reward. Go after it, have faith and no plan B… Well plan B is to make it… My last entry was May 26, 2013 so let me post some pictures/vids of what’s been going on:

MTV KATY PERRY VMA 2013 PROMO from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

MTV Katy Perry 2013 Promo. “No sleep til Brooklyn”

Brashaad Mayweather Featured Shirtless Guy

Tattoo Nightmares Fire Crotch segment (Spike) from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

When she looks at her tattoo she sees a gorgeous phoenix, when everyone else looks at it they see a firecrotch. Great episode. Features Brashaad Mayweather as Tattoo Artist in reenactment. Funny cool show pass it on.

Guantanamo Bay to Guantanamo Park from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Based on a true story of what happened to Mr. Shaker Aamer, from London, which had been detained in the Guantanamo military prison for 11 years without being charged or tried. This story has a twist as it is in a park and there are bystanders that do nothing to help. This is real life… If you see something is wrong don’t walk away… Fix it.

Features Brashaad Mayweather

Sunday May 26, 2013

Life in LA is just getting better and better. Just finished up month 4 of living here and completed 20 jobs! Check out the commercials that are now released and some pictures below.

Epson Interactive Overhead Projecting Commercial Ft: Brashaad Mayweather from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

H+ Sports Drink Commercial featuring Brashaad Mayweather from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Sunday April 28, 2013

Still have my faith and still putting in work here in LA. It’s been three months and TV commercials, TV shows and videos are finally being released to me and airing on TV. Super happy about that I might say. It’s nice to see hard work paying off… Below you will see some of the work I have done that aired on national TV, regional TV and online:

Justice For All with Cristina Perez (Dj vs Groupie) Ft: Brashaad Mayweather from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

H+ Sports Drink Commercial featuring Brashaad Mayweather from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Bad Girls All Star Battle on Oxygen. I was in two episodes. One I can’t say and the other I was the model delivering the big check to the winner.

The Newsroom on HBO

“Lonely At The Top” Shoot out Goons vs Mobsters

“Lonely At The Top” Goons vs Mobsters

Sunday March 3, 2013

A new month is here and last month was great. I’m expecting great things to workout in my favor this month as well. So far I did one job which was for Epson an overhead company. Check out the picture below and be sure to leave a comment.

(Epson overhead projector commercial playing the boss in a meeting giving a presentation)

Tuesday February 26, 2013

It has almost been two months since I last wrote in this column and man so much has happened. Let me first say God is my leader and I am truly in a season of reaping what I have sown over the past couple of years. So in short I moved to LA just about a month ago and it has been up hill from there! In 4 weeks I booked 2 music video features one I played a bully and another I played a guy walking down the street getting shot at and shooting back. The next job I booked was “Justice For All with Cristina Perez” I played the role of the plaintiff suing a groupie for $950 so so so funny great improv show check the show out here https://vimeo.com/60327128 . From there I was booked as a model for Lifetime Network’s show “Client List” season II premiere event and the jobs did not stop I then booked a hosting job for a spec documentary called “What is Love in LA”. Then it just gets better I booked for “Voit” a Mexican sports company to be an athlete in their commercial. I played the role of tennis player, basketball player and football payer. Then to end the month out I booked an overhead projector commercial that will be filmed later this week. All of the pics are below. Enjoy and leave a comment!

(TV Commercial for Voit (Mexico) sports company.)

(TV Commercial for Voit (Mexico) sports company.)

(TV Commercial for Voit (Mexico) sports company.)

(Co-Host for spec doc Love in LA)

(Model for the Client List Season II Premiere in Hollywood)

(Model for the Client List Season II Premiere in Hollywood)

(Playing the Plantiff aka DJ Sapphire suing my something like ex girlfriend for $950)

(Playing the role of guy getting shot at)

(Playing the role of guy getting shot at)

(Playing the role of The Bully)

(Playing the role of The Bully)

Tuesday February

Sunday December 30, 2012

This had to be one of the coolest commercials I have ever done. The commercial was for Lynda.com which is one of the worlds leading websites to learn software, creative, and business skills online. I played the roles of football player WR/QB and also a track sprinter. Commercial coming soon!

Tuesday December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!! This was a great year for giving. Here is a picture of my family. Mom, dad, sister, little cousin, little brother, grandpa and grandma! Had Christmas in Baltimore, MD then caught a flight to beautiful LA. This is going to be a great year full of supernatural blessings, favor and miracles!

Friday December 14, 2012

Life is just getting better and better. The more I give the more I am blessed and not just blessed but blessed in the areas of my life that make me the most happy (acting, marketing, family and TV production). If you are looking for your life to improve try giving a little more and loving a little more ;-) . Below are pictures from the two events I did this past week for the Army and Comcast. I had a blast!

Tuesday November 13, 2012

God is so good so let me give Him the glory first! Man did I have a blast this past week working in Florida. I flew into Tampa for a photo shoot and everything turned out better than I could have expected. Here are the different characters Tim Schaedler the photographer shot me as: business man, villain, beach body and military. I should have the pictures later this week and boy am I looking forward to passing these pictures on to my agents to book me more roles across the USA. I’m in season that’s one thing I am sure of…

After the photo shoot I went to Tallahassee, FL for a major McDonald’s promotion my team put together which also turned out great. We hired great models, had decent placement for the McDonald’s RV and gave out over 5,000 Real Fruit Smoothies and 5,000 Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken Sandwich coupons. Want to know what I’m really excited about though??? I can’t wait to get that pay check in the mail baby!!! But anyways check out some of the pictures below and be sure to pick up your Real Fruit Smoothie and Hot ‘N Spicy Chicken Sandwich from your local McDonald’s.

Monday November 5, 2012

I’ll make is short and sweet LOL. I booked a national Ford commercial!!! It was freaking awesome. I booked it this past Friday and they filmed it in Austin, TX last week as well. I promise everything happens for a reason you just have to have faith… I say that because my pro football career did not workout but hey people keep booking me to play as a football player!!! Here are some of the pictures from the TV commercial below leave a comment.

Description: Makeup, wardrobe, actors chair and chilling on the throne for our scene.

Description: In action carrying people down the street, relaxing on set and a high powered production camera.

To conclude I have a photo shoot in Tampa, FL Wednesday and a major McDonald’s event Saturday in Tallahassee, FL promoting the Real Fruit Smoothies and Hot ‘n Spicy Chicken Sandwich. God is great and I am blessed to have my own company and be following the will for my life touching people with the things I write, say and do. Amen.

Tuesday October 23, 2012

Learning life lessons daily and growing in my career I couldn’t ask for more… Since my last post I have had three cool new things happen and here they are:

1) The new Wing Zone “Horror Chicken” commercial came out and I absolutely love my scene. The face I made is priceless LOL. Check it out and be sure to leave a comment:

The Horror Wing Zone Chicken … from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

2) I can’t wait to get to Florida for the McDonald’s event my team put together. We will be promoting McDonald’s Real Fruit Smoothies and Hot ‘n Spicy Chicken Sandwich. This is going to be the biggest of all the McDonald’s events we have put together over the years, especially since we will have a huge RV! Check out the flyer:

3) I have been traveling between Houston, LA, NY and Florida for the past couple of months following my goals and dreams and finally I will be getting a new place in LA. From the East Coast to the West I finally decided LA will be where I lay my head down. Hey when you want something in life we have to humble ourselves, take risk and go after it. God will provide for us just have to have faith, believe and do our part ;-)

Sunday October 14, 2012

It’s been a month since my last diary entry and so much has happened. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have had as well as the let downs that helped me build character and put me closer to my destiny. Here’s what has happened over the past month:

* The McDonald’s event my company put together promoting the new Hot ‘n Spicy Chicken Sandwich went great last month! The next event is around the corner November 10, 2012 promoting a new Real Fruit Smoothie flavor McDonald’s is coming out with.

* On the acting side of things I was called to come to an audition in Dallas for a feature film by the name of One Heart (www.OneHeartMovie.com) which when I went I made the cut to be one of the football players in the movie and then I was called back to be an actor as well. The troubling/awesome side of things is that I can’t be both so I told the producer that the acting portion is what I really want. It came down to two of us and I’m waiting on a call back now. If I get it great, if not I’m sure there is something great around the corner for me.

Also on the acting side of things I had a really cool casting director contact me to do another Skype interview with her to give to a network for a TV show. That’s always good plus lots of fun when people want to interview you to learn about you. Just waiting to hear back from everyone in casting LOL but in the mean time I will do submissions as an actor and push my TV show to networks daily. God is great so everything always works out.

* The final news is that yesterday I was booked to work a 5k all female mud run event and that was absolutely awesome job!!! Got to love jobs that are fun filled with beautiful ladies LOL.

Monday September 3, 2012

So much stuff going on and so little time but winners make time for success so I don’t mind being busy. Finally for the Fall semester I closed the deal for the 3rd straight year with McDonald’s to promote their new products. Below is one of the 2 or 3 events I will be doing for McDonald’s new Spicy McChicken Sandwich

Also today I just released one of the sports Wing Zone commercials that I produced and directed about a month ago. Hopefully it will not just be online but also on TV in the next month or so. Check it out:

Super Chicken Sports Wing Zone from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

More good news I officially signed the contract after some small complications with my new agent as a TV Producer/writer. The Agency is one of about 85 agencies recognized by the WGA which is major. Global Talent Agency let’s get my TV productions on national TV and world wide distribution. Anything is possible if you believe, have faith and do your part!

Also I just closed a deal to do the creation and distribution of a new book titled “Betray Me Not Part III” From experience self publishing my book I now know what to do from start to finish to put a book out to the public. Here is a an exclusive look at the tentative book cover:

Well that is about everything that has happened in the past week or two and I am expecting great things this September. Hard work, faith and dedication does pay off… ;-) This is our season!

Monday August 20, 2012

Man, it has been a while since I wrote in my diary and so much has happened but it is always good, I am always blessed and moving forward. For starters from my last post I went to Tallahassee, FL to produce some Wing Zone commercials and below is one of them that will start airing on TV in the next couple of weeks. Leave a comment and tell me what you think:

Party at Wing Zone!!! Get in Your Wing Zone!!! from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Besides filming a couple TV commercials I also booked the Philips gig again as a promotional model and just got booked this week for something with Dave & Busters. I don’t have the details but hey it pays and it is in my line of work so I’m all game. Aside from that I keep saying that it is my week and my day daily and what I say comes to pass. Last week I made in one week what I usually make in 5 months so that was awesome and a blessing from God. Keep the blessings coming I can get use to this LOL. This week I said it was my week and so far… I just got the deal I have been working on which is to have an agent that is with the Writers Guild of America (WGA). In short the reason this is a big deal to me is because to talk to national TV networks an individual has to be represented by an agent that is recognized by the WGA. Having representation plus all the connects I have will lead me to many meetings with many networks. So this is all good for me. I have 3 actor agents and 1 writing agent now and with Gods favor I will touch people across the world with the things I write say and do very soon. I am blessed… There are only 87 agents with the WGA and after my 36th no or we will think about it #37 sent an email saying here is the contract. Never give up because who knows how close you could be. Have a blessed week.

Tuesday August 7th 2012

Man where do I start!?!?! Well I guess I will start where I left off. My last post was the morning of my birthday August 2nd. I left Houston to go to New Orleans and it was a pretty laid back night. I hung out with my good friend Q. I only stayed there one day because I had to be in Tallahassee to film 5 Wing Zone commercials and act in 3. Overall two TV shows contacted me about being on their show in the last couple of days, McDonald’s promo events are lined up and I had a blast being a geek, chicken and abused by this Wing Zone chicken in the commercials my team filmed. Here is an Instagram pic to sum up the weekend.

The geek scene from one of the Wing Zone commercials (Top Left), The Wing Zone chicken busted in on me and my girl while we were relaxing (Top Right), The chicken bust in on girl in shower and the chicken step dances with the Ques (Bottom Left), Good times in New Orleans (Middle Bottom), Relaxing in car sponsored by Capital Euro Cars after a long weekend of work (Bottom Right)

Thursday July 26th – Wednesday August 1st 2012

Man where do I start. Drake says Houston, Atlanta, Vegas in a song well buddy in 6 days I did Houston, NY, Houston, LA and Back to NY and New Orleans in the morning LOL. All I can say is God is good I know for sure that favor is on me and now is my time!

Okay lets start with the NY trip. I went up there for a TV show that I can’t mention but basically it was to be hypnotized and man that stuff really works LOL. From there I went to go see Sarah Jacobs (The chick that was the victim when I acted as the rapist in Discovery ID show. The picture is below) play which was really cool. It is always nice to see people you work with making moves.

That same night I got an email at midnight requesting for me to come to LA for a fitness commercial and all I could think was man I’m still in NY on this job but hey when opportunity knocks you either take it or the next person does so what did I do… I booked my ticket and when I landed in Houston I jumped on last flight that night to LA LOL. O yea that same night when I was reading the email
I ended up getting kinda stranded in Manhattan and feel asleep in 24 Hour Fitness. That right there lets you know that I’m something like a muscle head/jock LOL. Who falls asleep in the gym LOL. I think I was just burned out and jacked up all at the same time.

So back to the LA portion of the story… As soon as I knew I was going to LA for sure I hit up all the contacts I knew in LA. I emailed Austyn Biggers (BET Development Department), James Bland (TV/movie producer/Former FAMU classmate), Johnathan Greenaway (One of first camera guys and now interning in MTV music department) and Victor Debose (Theater Producer/Movie Producer/Sound Tech) so that we could all link up.

Well of course things in entertainment don’t always run smooth but hey they always work out for the best of what God wants for us so I ended up spending 26 hours staying the night in airport and between two flights. The coolest thin happened to me though like always when I fly. I random guy that could not make it on the flight like me walked up and sparked a conversation and guess who it was? Super Cool Al. B Sure (Look him up). We had a lay over for 6 hours and talked most of that time and he just so happened to live in LA so we exchanged numbers and will be kicking it soon.

I’m getting tired of typing now even though I type fast but to sum it all up I went to LA for the commercial, went to see Austyn Biggers speak and he mad me feel great because when I was in audience and asked a question he said “Ayyyy It’s Brashaad” that is cool that a person acknowledge me and it is based off of The “Mayweather Live” Show contact we had been having. After his seminar I met up with James, Victor and Johnathan to have a networking dinner. Overall LA was great. No sleep but I loved it and as of right now… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! God is good and this is my year.

View of Empire State building from 24 Hour Fitness (Top Left), Tiffany Jackson from Escape Route on NBC aka homie on the grind like me (Top Right), Casting Central is an agency I get booked through (Bottom Left), Discovery ID show with Sarah Jacobs the lady I went to her play (Bottom Right)

James Bland TV Producer (Top Left), Jason Greenaway MTV Music Video Department (Top Right), Me (Bottom Left), Victor DeBose Play Writer (Bottom Right)

Tuesday July 24, 2012

I would be lying to you if I told you I felt like I was feeling like less than Superman right now. All glory goes to God I will say first… Man How about everyday all week/weekend and closing out last week casting directors hit me up daily. Besides that what is even more fun to me is that I have been doing this ultimate casting to produce new Wing Zone commercials. I go to NY for a Discovery TV show in 2 days, come back to Houston for 3 days, hit New Orleans for 2 days then I goint to produce like 4 Wing Zone commercials in Tallahassee, FL. Man this is going to be so so so so much fun. I love directing and acting plus I will be playing the Wing Zone Chicken!!! Watch this Wing Zone commercial that is currently on TV my team produced:

Wing Zone Chicken Kicks AZZ!!!! “Mayweather Live” sponsor from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Mr. Wing Zone Chicken does not like when people eat other food such as Pizza, Subs, Wings not from Wing Zone… So here is a commercial to show you what will happen if you are caught not eating Wing Zone

Wednesday July 19, 2012

Another ballin day filled with blessings. To be honest I’m not the best guy I am a work in progress but God blesses me so so so so much. I am truthfully grateful for all of the opportunity. In the past week 5-7 shows have contacted me to be on show or audition and that is just amazing. I know this is my season blessings and favor all over me. With that being said let me book my flight to NY the from there to New Orleans for my birthday and then straight to Tallahassee to film a couple new Wing Zone commercials. They have been my top sponsor for about 5 years now. The very first sponsor I ever had. Love those guys.


Tuesday July 17, 2012

Today was a pretty good day. Three casting directors contacted me about doing acting so that was cool. Hopefully I will be in LA booked for one gig and back to NY for the other. Thank God for buddy passes to fly for the low. I also got booked to be a Philips Ultrasound Model again. It pays pretty good and all I have to do is lay there while they rub on me LOL… Almost sounds like prostitution LOL. Here is a pic from 2 months ago when I booked same gig:

Monday July 16, 2012

The day’s not over but I felt the need to write in my diary… I promise when you go hard the devil tries to attack… Well he got the right one to attack because the more that comes against me the harder I work. Like big cuz Floyd Money Mayweather says “Hard work, dedication, hard work, dedication”. For everyone that reads this remember that when the devil attacks, the battle is already won in your favor… God is on your side, nothing negative is here to stay and joy will soon return ;-) Don’t give your joy and power away just stay positive. So devil you lost this one buddy but thanks for trying to mess up my day just made me more grateful for all the blessings God gives me daily. So many blessings coming for all of us. Be ready for an overflow of blessings everyone that reads this. Watch this video one of my best friends sent me. This video is deep. I feel like this daily. How bad do you want success? Watch the video

Sunday July 15, 2012

Getting closer and closer day by day! In about 6 flights over the past 30 days every flight I got a new contact in the same industry as me. Always important to have something to offer others. We all can use some networking to get somewhere or get something that we need. This is my week baby!!! McDonald’s and Wing Zone sponsors back on board!!! God is good!!!

Sunday July 6, 2012

Sundays are always the days that I mentally and physically prepare myself for the week ahead. I plan on a lot of big things happening this week but honestly I tell myself that every week because you never know when the big break will come. I will be going to 4 different cities and the main goal is to lock in some former sponsors and close the deal on some major paperwork. Hopefully I hear back from the other Discovery Channel show that contacted me Friday. God is good and this is my journey…

Saturday July 7, 2012

I have been on the run the past couple of days so I have not taken the time to just relax and write my journey. Overall it has been a powerful week of networking, working and thinking. I just got booked on an other national TV show and I am really looking forward to the filming. The filming is at the end of the month in NY. On another note I watched a documentary on religion last night I think it was called “Is Heaven Real” on ABC. No disrespect but I think the documentary personally was garbage. I started writing a religious documentary about 2 years ago and already registered it I just have to connect the dots… I am inspired and I am going to go harder to complete the doc. That’s all folks.

Monday July 1, 2012

Man how my life moves so fast and how the events in life change so much. As I type I am sitting in Manhattan, NY at a production studio on the 17th floor. The view from off the balcony is a gift from God. The production company is using me as an actor for a pilot for a Discovery Network show which is absolutely awesome!!! Today has been a day full of multitasking and that is what keeps me going in life. I landed this morning, jumped online to submit myself for roles across the United States, contacted McDonald’s to lock in 3 confirmed promotional events and think I’m about to go get one of those fire hot dogs from off the corner then come back up here and chill until it is time to film. Man my life is so cool I would not trade it for nothing. I love all the ups and downs because they all make me a better man and bring me closer to my destiny… Here is the view from the 17th floor I was talking about:

Later that same night: I had so much fun filming the pilot. The directer expressed his excitement for how good Sarah (The Victim) and I (The Rapist) acted. After the shoot I decided to take the subway I never did that in my life so that was pretty cool. I had a muscle shirt on so nobody would mess with me LMAO. Well I’m chilling at this pizza place then going to take a cab to the airport and catch 6:30 a.m. flight. God is good… Here is a pic of Sarah and I with our acting faces on:

Saturday June 30, 2012

Today was a great day. I got a lot accomplished that I didn’t plan on doing but God is good and you never know what He might throw your way. I was contacted by another Discovery Network TV show (2nd one in 4 days) to be in one episode of a series. The funny thing is… they want me to play a rapist in the show LOL. All I can do is take the role, laugh and know that it is a blessing from God. Good thing I have a connect on these buddy passes and will pretty much fly anywhere in the world on demand. I fly out Monday to be on show and I can’t wait. This is my year, I claim it, believe it and I am putting in my work. Hard work pays off I truly believe that.

Thursday June 28, 2012

Well overall today was a good day. I have been on my grind with this TV stuff, helping my moms company and staying in shape. Today I called a couple TV networks and spoke to people in the Development, did my submissions for roles and call recognized WGA Agencies so that I can have proper representation as a Producer/Writer as well. I had a meeting with a TV show and it seems like I might be on there but who knows. The meeting was an hour and 20 minutes and she was very interested. Only time will tell but I know hard work, dedication and faith will all pay off. God is good… even when it doesn’t seem like anything is happening.